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Motivating and Leading PR and Communications Teams


01 Feb 2022




Virtual Classroom

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This course aims to improve your ability to manage your people by applying motivational techniques to the broad range of management activities covered in the course. Motivation is the key to success in every organisation and each of our management processes will be improved through the application of motivational techniques.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Places available: 8

Places remaining: 0

Trainer: Sandra Buckle MPRCA

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Event Overview

How will attendees benefit
The primary objective of this workshop is to enable participants to deliver systematic changes and improvements to their management activity. This will be achieved through the implementation of the tools and techniques covered within the course content. The tutor will also offer advice on an individual basis to each participant.

Who should attend
The course is designed for all account directors and is a relevant development programme irrespective of business discipline or PR industry sector.

What attendees will learn
The day will cover:

  • The practical tools for team motivation
  • Understand and implement the process tools required to create a team goal and appropriate behavioural values
  • An in-depth understanding of team roles (Belbin) and the way in which different people need a different management style
  • Learning the features of a winning team
  • Reviewing performance against objectives
  • Analysing team leadership; different leadership styles
  • Team communication - and interpersonal communication
  • An understanding of the power of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • Understanding the individual needs of the team members

The learning framework is built around the trainee's current knowledge and experience with the added stimulus of the trainer's depth of understanding both of the theoretical and practical implications of the course content.

Full set of course notes and analytical tools. The offer of phone and email contact during implementation of new process.