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Crisis PR and Communications in a Digital World


05 Jul 2022







For decades there was a formula, tested over many years, for good crisis management. Now, with the dawn of the internet a reputation can be destroyed in hours rather than months and not only by an army of protestors but by one individual. The internet has levelled the playing field between resource rich organisations and the lone disillusioned ex employee, customer or activist.

This workshop examines the trends behind the new type of PR crisis. How does it look? What shape does it take as the crisis unfolds and, most importantly, what are the strategies and tactics you need to deploy in order to manage the issue or crisis successfully in this digital world.

Event Type: Webinar

Places available: 50

Places remaining: 42

Trainer: Steve Dunne FPRCA

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Event Overview

How Delegates Will Benefit

  • Learning how to prepare their client or brand for an online crisis
  • Knowing which strategies are proven to work online and how to select the right one for the right crisis
  • Knowing which tactics are available to fight an online attack or issue and how to deploy them powerfully

What Delegates will learn
How to:

  • Monitor the chat on the internet and flag up potential issues
  • Prepare their in-house/agency team
  • Build a dark site to fill the vacuum
  • Prepare key strategies for managing an online crisis