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How to PR Crypto


08 Jul 2022




Virtual Classroom

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This course is a practical introduction to the world of Cryptocurrency PR. There are certain things around execution and the landscape that are unique to this space. Beyond that, the cryptocurrency industry has its own agenda setters, preferred communication channels and media landscape, defined and segmented in its unique way. In this 3-hour class, Martyna will break down the jargon, showcase the key drivers in brand building and discuss what drives headlines in the trade press vs mainstream media.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Places available: 8

Places remaining: -1

Trainer: Martyna Borys-Liszka

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Event Overview

How attendees will benefit

This course will provide a necessary foundation for PR practitioners who have clients that are increasingly competing with crypto native companies or are simply interested in developing a specialisation in the growing sphere of cryptocurrency and web3.0 PR. 

You will learn about the unique crypto media landscape including key media players, who influences the narrative, how stories are born and what to watch out for when working with trades vs nationals. Finally, you will get actionable advice on how to execute PR campaigns for a crypto firm. 

See full course content below. 

Who should attend?

  1. PR practitioners from senior executive to senior manager level from both agency and in-house environments. Given the introductory nature of this course, prior Crypto PR experience or knowledge of the space is not required
  2. Newly appointed PR, comms, brand or marketing managers for a crypto company
  3. Managers/Execs, already working in the space, who want to further their insights into best practice in Crypto PR

Course content

Part I  - 50 min

Context & today’s landscape 

  1. Media landscape; trade press vs mainstream
  2. Agenda setters and what drives news
  3. Expanded role of the PR consultant

Break - 5 min

Part II - 1h 30min

Clients and how to work with them

  1. DAOs aka community led everything
    • Excuse me, what’s a DAO?
    • Communities in crypto
    • Events & hackathons
  2. PR activations: tips & tricks
    • Scope: Discord, Crypto Twitter & Telegram
    • Fact checking: Coingecko, DeFi Llama, DappRadar
    • PR best practice 
  3. PR activations: red flags
    • Crypto Influencers
    • Sponsored articles
    • Fueling unproductive conversations

Break - 5 min

Part III - 30 min