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Counter Context

Communications company
Counter Context - Sheffield

About Counter Context

Counter Context is a leading communications and public affairs company based in the north of England.

We help clients in the built environment and beyond, to consult, engage and promote. Our work is underpinned by the idea that meaningful, open and two-way communication builds understanding, trust and support for ideas, projects and organisations.

Our team is made up of talented people with experience in a range of disciplines including planning, public relations, politics, marketing, stakeholder management and corporate communications. Based in Sheffield and Manchester, we operate throughout the UK and internationally.

Our approach incorporates our values; we will always act with integrity, demonstrating efficiency, awareness and ambition, developing strong partnerships to achieve success for our clients.

Counter Context supports a range of sectors within the built environment including commercial, mixed use and residential developments, transport networks, waste management and energy infrastructure, particularly renewable energy NSIPs. Our expertise includes:

- Creative promotion and design
- Community and stakeholder engagement
- Public affairs
- Media relations
- Consultation
- Community relations
- Events management
- Digital marketing
- Internal communications
- Corporate social responsibility