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Mélanie Chevalier MPRCA

About Mélanie

Mélanie Chevalier is the founder and CEO of Creative Culture, a cross-cultural consultancy based in London.

With 15 years’ industry experience in cross-cultural communications Mélanie has been helping brands and agencies roll-out their creative concepts and campaigns internationally.

Over the years, Mélanie and her team have gained considerable experience in cross-market communication and strategy providing real-time local insight, cultural audits as well as global content and local engagement solutions.

Some of the leading brands Mélanie has been working with include Barclays Wealth, Cointreau, Coty, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oréal Luxe, Maserati, Nikon, Nokia, Orange, P&G, Philips, Sanofi, Sony and Urban Decay amongst many others.

Training Theory

Mélanie’s theory is that it’s all about empowerment and engagement. Both in leadership and training, it is important to be inclusive and contextualise but also to allow the ‘audience’ to own their topic and make their own conclusions - rather than being told. Being active in the assimilation process is the only way to remember and make sure  knowledge is applied  in the long run.

Her sessions are interactive and allow for everyone to participate and  ask questions whilst learning the ins and outs of cross-cultural matters and cultural awareness.


Mélanie specialises in all aspects related to cross-cultural communications, from advertising to marcomms, branding, strategy and events. She also has significant experience in content management and foreign languages, especially in the field of transcreation.

Courses by Mélanie