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Ann Wright MPRCA


About Ann

Ann has more than 25 years’ experience of working with the media – from both sides of the fence.

She co-founded Rough House Media which equips clients with confidence in how they manage the media.

It works with multinationals, entrepreneurs and the third sector, with clients including the Civil Aviation Authority, PwC, Mind, and the World Energy Council.

Rough House provides strategic media advice and support, developing crisis communications strategies, producing videos and podcasts, and designing and delivering courses in press release writing, media relations, media interview skills and crisis communications.

Ann has trained organisations ranging from Nokia and Exxon Mobile to the University of St Andrews, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Joint Council of Qualifications.

Ann’s background is as a journalist and TV producer. After a decade as a newspaper reporter working on local papers, health journals and national tabloids, she transferred to television, where she worked on news, current affairs and consumer investigations to documentaries and live events, exclusively for the BBC.

Her credits include some of the most prestigious programmes on the BBC, including two royal weddings, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

Training Theory

“The best way for people to learn is to do. I want every person on every course I design and deliver to speak up, to take part and to enjoy themselves.”


Ann Wright is an expert in designing and delivering bespoke training courses in media relations, press release writing, media interview skills and crisis communications. All her courses are informed by her decades of experience as a TV producer and journalist and aim to give delegates confidence in how they manage their media relations. She has specialist knowledge of a range of sectors, including education, engineering, health, culture and heritage, membership organisations and charities.