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Betsy Reed CMPRCA


About Betsy

Betsy Reed is a sustainability communications expert who has spent more than 15 years
working in communications, campaigns and public affairs in-house, agency side and as a
consultant in the corporate, public and charitable sectors. She still regularly surfs across
them all as Director of her own consultancy, Big Sky. She is regularly asked to speak and
lecture on her experience running sustainability communications programmes and public
affairs programmes and running behaviour change campaigns such as ‘Recycle for
Scotland’ and ‘Fair Trade Nation.’
She has spent many years honing her ability to deliver training and events that are both
engaging and practical. As Co-Chair of the PRCA’s Greenroom Group since 2015, she has
been key to driving its mission to upskill the UK comms sector on sustainability issues and
offering a range of event formats to attract and engage a wider audience. She recently took
Greenroom to Scotland, where she produced and chaired an event in collaboration with
PRCA Scotland, Edinburgh University’s Centre for Carbon Innovation and the Scotch
Whisky Association. Upcoming training and workshops include one at Scotland’s ‘Circular
Economy Summit’ and a ‘hackathon’ for the Scotland 2020 group, which convenes business,
academics and the Scottish Government to focus on climate change issues. The hallmarks
of her training approach are insightful content, interactive formats and practical application.