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Nickie Aiken MPRCA

About Nickie

Nickie is a senior corporate and media relations specialist with 20 years front line experience of crisis and issues management and journalism. She has worked successfully in political, charity and financial public relations, leading teams to deliver effective communications for clients and in-house, advising to board level. Nickie has served as a press secretary to a Cabinet Minister, run media operations for Bradford & Bingley and The Children's Society. She has presented for BBC Wales and worked a reporter for large regional newspaper. Nickie possesses first class experience of promoting within financial services has built strong relationships with both national and trade journalists. She offers strong creative and strategic leadership to clients in a number of sectors.

Training Theory

"I hope delegates will find my training sessions informative but also fun. I hope they find them interesting but that they do not feel they are being preached at but are part of a fulfilling discussion throughout the day. I believe the secret to a good training course is when delegates feel they are part of it and not there to just be told what to do. It has to be as practical and participatory as possible. My aim is to give delegates a good grounding in a subject that they can take back and put into practice as events unfold”


Nickie Aiken is a specialist in crisis management and strategic media relations. She has run media relations courses for a variety of organisations across the country and produced straight forward manuals for complete beginners to PR to give them a good grounding in the area. She is particularly interested in how strategic media relations can help a business improve its “bottom line”. She firmly believes that effective media relations is earned by strategic targeting. It has to be about fitting the story around the media not the other way around. Her own professional experience has latterly concentrated on delivering crisis management advice.