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Friends of PRCA Membership

Friends of PRCA is designed for AMEC members in media intelligence firms, media monitoring forms, and communications research and data insights companies which provide media evaluation and communication research to the PR and Communications industry. It allows media intelligence and insights professionals in evaluation companies to work with over 800 PR & Communications consultancies and in-house teams throughout the world. Friends of PRCA Membership is a collaboration with AMEC - the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. Annual fees are £1,500+VAT, discounted to £750+VAT for AMEC members.

Benefits of Friends of PRCA Membership

1. PRCA’s acclaimed Census Reports produced in association with PRWeek, in the UK and internationally, will include special questions formulated with AMEC on the importance of evaluation.
2. PRCA will expand its existing UK Evaluation Group into an International Evaluation Group, which will meet by conference call quarterly, allowing international members the opportunity to collaborate and shape the future of evaluation. This Group will also determine the content of the PRCA’s annual Evaluation Conference.
3. Opportunities for senior personnel to enhance their personal and organisational profiles via leadership panels, masterclass delivery and our awards programmes in the UK; Middle East and North Africa; and Southeast Asia. As the world’s biggest public relations professional association, the PRCA footprint is constantly being enlarged to new geographies.
4. Tools to demonstrate the value of PR and communications activities to the business, and access to the latest market intelligence through our quarterly trends barometer and our annual Benchmarking Survey. This survey enables : against similar organisations' activities, such as regarding delivery, income generation, cost of staff and events. Useful for planning and demonstrating to other businesses what your company is delivering. The Benchmarking Survey will be extended to included detailed evaluation data, and will be available only to members.
5. Download reports, case studies, white papers, standard contracts and job descriptions.
6. Commitment to best practice through our Codes of Conduct.
7. Free networking events for all levels of staff. We host regular events so that leaders in the industry can get together, share ideas and best practice, and make connections in the UK; Middle East and North Africa; and Southeast Asia.
8. Discounts on the PRCA’s large training online and face-to-face training and qualifications programme.
9. Special discounts to enter the 13 PRCA Awards.
10. Discounted access to PRCA and ICCO events, including the PRCA’s 12 annual Conferences; and ICCO’s annual Global Summit and 5 Continental Conferences.

Interested in joining as a Friend of PRCA?

Our membership fees are £1,500+VAT discounted to £750+VAT for AMEC members. If you would like to have a conversation or require further information, please contact Henry Redshaw on 020 7233 6026 or