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HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, approached Calacus in 2011 as a relatively unknown non-profit organisation, passionate about preventing premature deaths caused by high cholesterol. Their mission was for most UK adults to know their cholesterol levels, to understand the impact of high cholesterol and to be taking any necessary action. In order to do so, it was imperative that public awareness of the charity increased.
HEART UK, London Marathon



Saturday, December 31, 2016

Agency: Calacus

The Challenge

Initially, HEART UK wanted to raise its profile with consumers and other stakeholders and increase its fundraising efforts, particularly around the London Marathon. 

In more recent years, the charity’s key focus shifted to include fundraising around National Cholesterol Month and positioning HEART UK as an expert in the field via print, online and broadcast platforms. 

The Solution

Calacus devised a long-term media strategy which engaged health and fitness media, maximising HEART UK’s expertise in cholesterol and a heart-healthy diet. In 2016 alone, we helped them to win a campaign in Westminster to ensure a new cholesterol-lowering drug was made available to a wider section of the public. We also secured blanket coverage for a research project we undertook highlighting the unhealthy levels of saturated fat in meals at high street restaurants.

The Results

Working with medical experts, case studies and the dedicated HEART UK team to bring cholesterol-related topics to mainstream media agenda, we ensured the charity became key opinion formers in the world of heart health. Fundraising has also increased year-on-year.

  • More than 400 pieces of coverage secured
  • Successfully campaigned for change in public policy to help more at-risk patients gain access to new medications
  • Confirmed HEART UK as key opinion formers in world of heart health
HEART UK, National Cholesterol Month, Theresa May