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London's food waste is being turned into fertiliser or energy by the capital's only anaerobic processing plant, Bio Collectors, but there's still vast amounts going into landfill or incineration. The story had to be told, and a call to action made. The results were spectacular...


Waste industry/recycling

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Agency: Storm Communications

The Challenge

Storm was appointed by Bio Collectors – London’s largest food waste collector and anaerobic digestion recycling plant – to raise awareness of its services in London and campaign for change in the way businesses and councils collect food waste. 

The Solution

Storm’s strategy centered on the development of a research report on how London’s councils currently collect food waste. The report was researched and written by the Storm team, unveiling that only 18 of 33 London councils were currently providing separate food waste collections for households. This ultimately meant that the 15 other councils were sending their waste to incineration or landfill, rather than anaerobic digestion. Storm also launched Bio Collectors’ Just AD Food campaign, designed to put pressure on councils and businesses to separate their food waste, and distributed news releases to key publications.

The thought leadership campaign was designed to complement the report and position Bio Collectors at the heart of the food waste debate. Key columns in the trade media were targeted and features on the issue of adhering to the waste hierarchy were secured.

The public affairs activity targeted key policy makers at DEFRA and City Hall. Copies of the Bio Collectors report were issued to relevant public servants and meetings arranged to explain Bio Collectors’ position on food waste in London. 

The Results

The highlight of the campaign was a double page feature in London’s Evening Standard, which highlighted the report and positioned Bio Collectors as a company helping to reduce the impact of the capital’s food waste on the environment. Regular by-lined articles were secured in key titles CIWM Journal and, as well as numerous articles featuring in The Grocer and a piece on Good Morning Britain. Local MP, SiobhainMcDonagh, and Leonie Cooper, Chair of the Environment Committee, are just two of the key public officials that have toured Bio Collectors’ plant and held meetings with the company’s owner.