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Money, money, money

As we head into 2018 we know that there will still be a squeeze on budgets, and the phrase ‘doing more with less’ is not going away. This isn’t just a public sector thing as all communicators have to justify the money they spend and demonstrate what it delivers.

We could all waste time and energy lamenting the lack of funding but that isn’t very productive and we should put our effort into the positive elements of a disappearing budget. To start with, having no money makes you creative and resourceful. We see it with our own household finances and how we can make ends meet with some innovation.

Communicators are at heart problem solvers. We see an issue, a problem, or a challenge and we are tasked with finding a way forward that will bring the required results. It means finding new ways of doing things, taking some risks and knowing what matters and what works. If we can motivate ourselves and our teams then these skills can help us through difficult times.

Having limited finances and a small or non-existent advertising or marketing budget is not the end of the world. It can open up new doors, breed a culture of innovation and get people to really understand the business they are working with. You have to know the detail, what matters, how things work, where there are opportunities from the business and the organisational strategy.

When you are really getting it right you will be helping to shape and develop the organisational strategy based on your insight and activity. Let’s all be more positive about the year ahead whether we have a full or empty work wallet.


Top ten tips for those without budget

1.       Know what matters to the business and ensure activity focuses on that

2.       Bring in others to boost your communication

3.       Find ways to exploit technology

4.       Do the basics well

5.       Ensure you know what works and concentrate on that

6.       Don’t just create content look at curating it

7.       See opportunities and be ready to take them

8.       Build trust in communication teams so you can take risks

9.       Don’t limit your imagination

10.   Be innovative and build creative teams