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Creativity in B2B PR

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Classroom based

This half-day seminar describes how to achieve standout in the media and the marketplace for clients in business-to-business industry sectors.

Course Objectives: 

This course will show that B2B PR can be at least as imaginative and original as consumer/brand PR, if not more so, and starts by addressing the barriers to creativity which B2B PR teams commonly encounter: clients’ frequent reluctance to step off the well-trodden pathway, the challenge of finding creative hooks and themes in products or services which are not intrinsically compelling, and packaging creative but serious story ideas in ways which are attractive to the trade, technical and professional media.

Learning Objectives: 

Why creativity matters (market share and ROI)
How B2C and B2B PR strategies differ
Managing B2B client expectations
Developing USPs and points-of-difference
B2B message platforms
B2B communications properties
Creativity in B2B media relations
Creative writing for B2B clients
Generating creative B2B ideas
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The seminar includes tutorial, examples, discussion-sessions and a workshop. Participants receive a printed copy of the training material, a set of checklists and a set of notes describing the most effective methods of producing creative ideas in teams or individually.