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Pitching to win new business

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Everyone loves working on new business. Every firm in the PRCA is good at it. Why do some consultancies seem to beat the odds? Why are some firms consistently better at getting onto long-lists, making it onto short-lists and then landing the business, time after time? It's not just effort and it's not just talent. What are they doing better? This PRCA webinar examines what actually happens in the sales process - from the client's point of view. Every PR contract is the result of someone deciding to go with one consultancy rather than three or four others - who most likely all have the experience, competence and ideas to do an equally good job. But the client has to pick one. The idea behind this approach to new business pitching is to make it virtually impossible for the client to choose anyone else. It is based on the concept of ‘earning the right to the sale'. The client is faced with a tricky problem: how to make the right choice when he or she has insufficient information to work with. Some clients are well-versed in PR and know the consultancy sector well; most are not, and don't. This course suggests a technique which will maximise your chances of being chosen on the day.

Course Objectives: 

Attendees learn how to sharpen up their pitching skills; how to align their proposals with the client's real objectives; how to make their pitches gripping and memorable; and how to manage various kinds of client behaviour during the presentation. The outcome: attendees will increase their win-rate.

Learning Objectives: 

Getting on the long-list: profile, cold-calls, new-business agencies Understanding procurement and establishing good business relationships Qualifying the opportunity: should we pitch? Before the pitch - winning without pitching.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.