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Presentation skills

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Classroom based

Being able to deliver effective presentations is an absolute must for anyone working in PR. This course is designed for senior executives and account managers who want to improve their pitch presentation skills and be able to present confidently in public.

Course Objectives: 

By the end of the course delegates will know how to plan, structure and deliver an effective presentation and understand that great presentations:

Have a clear purpose that is audience focussed.
Are well structured and clearly signposted.
Have an intellectual thread of steel running through them.
Like a good story, have a clear beginning middle and end.

Learning Objectives: 

The course aims to introduce students to a range of tools and techniques necessary to pitch and present confidently, including:
How to plan for a presentation
How to structure a speech or presentation
How to speak during a presentation ( including the use of signposts and visual aids)
How to handle questions
How to manage nerves
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Full course notes will be provided. A notebook and pen will also be provided. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you are more than welcome to bring it along with you to use throughout the day.