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Spokesperson Training: Communicating your message effectively

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Classroom based

Speaking on behalf of your organisation, or preparing your client to speak, is a challenge for all consultants. Whether in public, at a press conference or on the broadcast media, such performances can make or break reputations. This course focuses on best practice and practical exercises to develop your confidence and your skills.

Course Objectives: 

Attendees will gain an understanding in best practice approaches and methods when speaking in public or preparing another to speak to.

Learning Objectives: 

Preparing to go public
Developing and rehearsing key messages
The importance of logistics
Practising different types of interviews
Tricks of the (broadcast media) trade
Dealing with hostile questioning
What your body language and appearance communicate
Following up and evaluating the results
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Full course notes will be provided. A notebook and pen will also be provided. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you are more than welcome to bring it along with you to use throughout the day.