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Stakeholder relationship management

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Classroom based

This one-day course is designed to help in-house communications teams set up and manage efficient stakeholder relationship programmes for corporate profiling, brand support and issue resolution. It is based on the idea that a well-planned stakeholder relationship management system lies at the heart of any successful corporate communications strategy. The course comprises tutorials (tools and techniques), real-life examples and case-studies, discussion (‘what would you have done?’) and practical exercises using semi-fictional cases written to reflect the type of problems faced by each course’s participants. The course is highly interactive.

Course Objectives: 

Participants will learn (or improve their knowledge of) the key techniques used in identifying, analysing , prioritising and researching stakeholders in typical corporate communications situations: corporate reputation-building and protection, brand and product support, issues management and crisis communications. They will be shown how to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy in line with corporate or organisational objectives and how to present stakeholder relationship proposals to the board. Advice and recommendations will be offered on planning and managing stakeholder engagement programmes (timeframe, resources, budgets, monitoring) and how to set up, manage and train an in-house stakeholder relationship management unit.

Learning Objectives: 

Stakeholder engagement and business objectives; stakeholders, opinion-formers and audiences; stakeholder identification, prioritisation and analysis techniques; benchmarking; using the Interest/Influence Grid; stakeholder strategy; forecasting with PEST; database maintenance; message development; using the Message/Audience Matrix; channel selection; role of the mainstream and online media; use of social networks; timetables, resources and budgets; using Gantt Charts; team-structure, roles, KPIs and training; wide-focus and narrow-focus monitoring; evaluation; problem-solving; reporting to senior management. - See more at:


Participants will receive a hard/soft copy of the course slides; check-lists and ‘golden rules’; a list of recommended sources for further reading and research; one-to-one email/phone access to the trainer for six months. A PRCA Training ‘Practice Notes’ booklet on Stakeholder Relationship Management will be published later this year, and participants will automatically receive a copy. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you are more than welcome to bring it along with you to use throughout the day.