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Winning Credentials

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Classroom based

An RFI arrives. Your eyes light up: this is exactly the kind of client you want, in a sector where you want to expand your portfolio. It won’t be a shoo-in: you have a foothold in the client’s industry but other firms have more experience. You know that you are just one of a long-list: how can you make sure that you reach the short-list? What you don’t do is churn out a standard credentials package. Anyone who’s picked you for an RFI has seen your website and has probably checked you out from public sources. They may have taken references, they may have spoken to the media. It makes sense to assume they already know something about you. Your response to the RFI has to stand out: it has to make a real impact.

Course Objectives: 

This half-day seminar describes how to research, prepare and present credentials which make a strong impression on a prospective client, so that you succeed in making the short-list and – what’s more – walk into the presentation with the cards stacked in your favour. This seminar centres on the idea that winning consultancies always deliver prospective clients more than they are expecting. Your credentials should be a showcase of your ability: more about the client, less about you.

Learning Objectives: 

Credentials format: digital, physical, print
Style, design, text
Assurance factors: avoiding exclusion
What procurement needs to know
Working with intermediaries
Being different: stand-out
What you say about your firm
References and testimonials
Case-studies and examples
Awards, achievements, distinctions
Your people
What you say about the client: research
Action before delivery: timing
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Full course notes will be provided. A notebook and pen will also be provided. Please bring a laptop with you to use.