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Good media relations

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Most journalists speak disparagingly about most PR people, but they all say there are a few who are worth their weight in gold. How do you become one of those few?

Course Objectives: 

How to invest in, and manage, their single most valuable professional asset.
What journalists want and how to develop lifelong relationships with them.
The rules and dynamics which govern MSM and online journalists' careers.
How to be a reporter's ‘first port of call'.
How to deliver better media results for their clients.

Learning Objectives: 

What journalists and reporters are like.
Their professional pressures and goals.
What they want from PR people, what they don't want.
How to develop a productive relationship with them.
It also demonstrates:

How to provide the media with usable material.
How to spot or create a news angle.
How to turn a weak story into a good one.
How to present material professionally.
How to sell it in successfully.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.