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Young Consultants' Committee

The Young Consultants' Committee (YCC) was established in 2010 and represents consultants up to the age of 30. The YCC Chairs sits on the Public Affairs Board Executive Committee. The primary focus of the YCC is to provide a voice for young practitioners to engage with the wider work of the Public Affairs Board as they progress through their careers.

The YCC has been a great success, largely attributable to the enthusiasm and commitment of its members, who are elected annually for a maximum of three years. The YCC can be contacted by emailing the Chair (

  • Jenny Powell MPRCA, Headland Consultancy (YCC Chair)
  • Anna Jobling MPRCA, Interel (YCC Vice-Chair)
  • Adnan Chowdhury MPRCA, Hanover (YCC Vice-Chair)
  • Alistair Gordon MPRCA, Four Communications 
  • Harvey Chandler MPRCA, Political Intelligence 
  • Caitlin Wilkinson MPRCA, GK Strategy 
  • Steven Grainger MPRCA, Newington 
  • Emily Gainsford MPRCA, Weber Shandwick
  • Matt Day MPRCA, Quiller Consultants
  • Kenneth Pritchard MPRCA, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • Alicia Rojo Santos MPRCA, PB Consulting
  • Camilla de Coverly Veale MPRCA, Maitland
  • Jonathan Andrew MPRCA, Field Consulting
  • Stephen Roberts MPRCA, The Whitehouse Consultancy


Programme of work and achievements includes:

  • Organising a range of networking and development events, well-attended by consultants of all age ranges from Public Affairs Board members and beyond. These include networking events, panel discussions, and the highly competitive annual quiz.
  • Undertaking the annual survey of young consultants, to seek their feedback on the Public Affairs Board and its work, together with broader views on the industry.
  • Contributing to the running of Public Affairs Board training sessions, through participation in the role plays, hosting duties, and regularly updating the scenarios used in the role plays to keep these relevant to young practitioners.
  • Developing the scenarios for Public Affairs Board online training module on the Public Affairs Code.
  • Establishing a database of contacts in all member organisations to disseminate information about the YCC's programme.
  • Providing a link between Public Affairs Board and young practitioners.