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It’s a student’s life

It’s getting increasingly tough for graduates to get their first jobs. It’s not enough to get good grades any more – it’s been reported that two-thirds of graduates will get a 2:1 or a first this year, so it’s not just a grades-game, it’s about being brazen and standing out from the crowd from the start.

With exams and Uni life soon coming to a close, many students will be dreading swapping exam stress for job-hunting trauma.

So the big question is how to stand out from the crowd? And then when you’ve caught the attention of your dream agency, how do you go about nailing the big first interview?

Manchester-based PR and content marketing agency, Brazen, has put together a number of top tips for students about how to do well in first interviews and how to secure work experience on a new online hub, Student Life, to help the next generation of PR and marketing superstars nail their first jobs after leaving Uni. They’ve also shared some horror stories of their first jobs, which sure everyone will be able to relate to. Bet there were a lot that were unpublishable as well!

One of the key top tips for students looking to get ahead in PR is to use their creativity to make their CV be the most attention-grabbing. Design it as a front cover of a newspaper or magazine, deliver it tied to the end of a helium balloon or printed on a cake.

If students and graduates are struggling with their CVs and not sure where to start with an interview, Brazen is offering to help craft a killer CV and get students’ game-faces ready for even the most gruelling of interviews over the coming months.

Five students will get 121 interview training at Brazen House; five will receive CV writing masterclasses and advice; and one will get a video CV created from scratch by Brazen LIVE, the agency’s in-house production studio.

If you’re interested in getting a job in PR, social media, digital content production, video or design, then enter your details on, tell the agency why you deserve Brazen’s help and what your personal ambitions are. Deadline is July 31 2018.