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PR teams are changing – Are you ready?


A facilitated workshop to support PR leadership teams think through how their teams are changing in the new world of work. The session will focus on how teams consider and prepare for the future of work – including expectations of Gen Z employees, the impact of hybrid and remote working on team culture, and how AI might people’s perception of themselves at work, this workshop will focus on building insights and ideas around current best practice and how to plan for the future. 

How attendees will benefit

This customisable workshop will give teams the opportunity to think about the big workplace trends that will impact their organisations. Drawing on latest research around the future of work and through reflection and discussion, attendees will be able to take a big picture view of what is coming down the track. Applying this new insight to their own organisation and team, they will be supported to identify where they need to prioritise to attract and retain the best talent. 

Who should attend

Leadership and PR teams who want to explore how their teams are affected by the changing trends in work. It can either be a leadership team who would benefit from a strategic, structured discussion around what is happening in their organisation or a wider team that wants to work together to explore how they can adapt to different expectations and needs. 

What attendees learn

•Current research on hybrid and remote working trends

•Exploration of how different generations work together and how this might change

•Their response to the use of AI in PR and how it may impact their teams

•How to ensure they are keeping abreast of changing workplace trends

What materials attendees will receive

Teams be given their tailored course slides and recommended models and frameworks to support ongoing thinking and planning. They will also be supported to use the information captured during the day to drive their next steps. 

Trainer - Caroline Gordon

Caroline is a team and leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator, specialising in supporting senior teams through change, inertia, and friction. She provides whole team coaching and custom workshops targeting a range of topics, including team purpose, communication, and decision-making, empowering agency and in-house leadership teams to unlock their potential. Accredited in the GC Index, Caroline helps organisations build game-changing teams and cultures by identifying how their people make the most significant impact.

With two decades of experience across diverse organisations —including political advisory roles, communications agencies, healthcare, and voluntary sector campaigning —Caroline has a rich professional background to draw on. She previously led and rapidly expanded the multi-award-winning policy and communications health practice at WA Communications. Now, she runs her own consultancy, Mix Partners, providing coaching and facilitation.

Training Philosophy

PR teams are under increasing pressure. Tough times can strain team dynamics and impact results. To counter this, I believe it is valuable for teams to take time together to focus on collaboration, shared purpose and approaches to problem solving. As every team is unique, I design bespoke sessions that encourage open, honest, and curious discussion, helping teams decide their best path forward.


I specialise in helping leaders and teams see the wood from the trees! I’m confident to encourage people to dig deeper to understand what’s really happening in their teams. I also bring deep experience of policy, public affairs and communications, and know how they interact with wider strategic priorities in organisations.