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15% off - PRimed for the future: A new take on leadership

Date: Thursday, 24th + Friday, 25th October 2024

Where: Thistle Holborn, 36-37 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SD

Member Price: £1995 + VAT - 15% off = £1695/75 + VAT *

Non-member Price: £2500 + VAT  - 15% off = £2125 + VAT *

*The cost includes 6 training sessions, F&B, a lovely dinner on Thursday evening and every delegate will have a follow up online 1-hour one-to-one coaching session to reinforce learning and discuss an action plan on their personal growth following the programme. All attendees will also receive a digital badge & certification upon completing the programme.

Level: This two-day programme is aimed at PR and communications practitioners who have leadership experience. The programme will focus on very practical and essential core skills such as thinking strategically, financial acumen, building inclusive ecosystems, crisis, ESG & honing leadership skills.

The trainers and sessions will include:

Emanuela Giangregorio: Strategic Thinking and Decision Making: Tools, Techniques and Insights to Think and Act Strategically 

Unlock the power of strategic thinking and elevate your decision-making skills during this immersive interactive session.  Increase the value you add to your organisation by elevating your thinking and decision-making capabilities.  Learn how to nurture a strategic mindset by challenging your own thinking and using practical tools to facilitate structured thinking.  Through engaging discussions and practice opportunities, you'll sharpen your critical, systems and creative thinking abilities.  You will also develop increased confidence when navigating the strategic landscape, enabling you to make well-informed decisions that drive success.  

Kate Hartley FMPRCA & Tamara Littleton co-founders, Polpeo: Leadership in a Crisis 

This interactive, immersive course uses simulation technology to put your leadership skills to the test during a crisis. You’ll experience making decisions under pressure, learn the critical skills of leading a team through a crisis, practice strategic thinking, and build your own resilience and muscle memory. All this will give you the confidence to lead effectively, should the worst happen.  

Betsy Reed: Leadership in an ESG World

Are you able to articulate to clients or your own boss the profitability and reputational impact of delivering positive environmental impact and social purpose? Do you know which social and environmental trends present the biggest risks, and how to turn them into opportunities to grow reputation, customer and employee loyalty? Did you already know that, by 2026, the EU Green Claims Directive will essentially make ‘greenwash’ illegal for any company doing business in the EU or with a company operating in the EU?

The ability to navigate complex social and environmental issues is now a core part of a professional skillset – particularly if you’re in a leadership role, or aspire to be someday. 

Whether you’re already an expert or are just getting started with your social and environmental knowledge, this session will provide you with fundamental knowledge, decision-making tools and an opportunity for practical application. All of which will enable you to have more insightful, sophisticated and confident conversations about sustainability, make better informed decisions to prevent risk and maximise opportunities with your own projects, clients or organisation, and prepare yourself to stand out when it comes to future leadership opportunities. 

Stephen WelchFinance and the Modern Leader

An understanding of finance is critical for those who want to make an impact in business. But it is not just about numbers; it is about how your organization creates value. What are the key value drivers in your organization? In this course you will learn about the fundamentals of finance and why a basic understanding of the business is critical to help you grow and develop your career. Together we will explore different business models and what they mean for leaders. Come and join us to get new insights into your business and how can build on those insights to develop your career.

Barbara Philips FPRCA: Building Inclusive Ecosystems

Inclusive ecosystems are no longer a 'nice to have‘ or a display of good brand values. The most commercially sustainable and therefore successful organisations will be led by those whose efficacy is through building an inclusive ecosystem.


  • Protected characteristics - equalities Act 2010
  • Proximity to power who has the power in your organisation?
  • Leader’s Inclusion quiz do you lead inclusively?
  • Why build an inclusive ecosystem internal
  • Why build an inclusive ecosystem external
  • Special note about race
  • What leaders do - servant leadership the path inclusive ecosystems


Nick Morris: How to keep improving as a leader — "I am a better leader today than I was yesterday and I will be a better leader tomorrow than I am today…"

We all work hard to become great leaders but that journey is not a straight line and knowing when to change course and adapt to your surroundings is an important discipline. Honing your skills as a leader is never finished and learning from your own mistakes and others around you is key to going from a good leader to a great one.

  • Challenging your own leadership style and making improvements based on insights and feedback from others
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Adopting an always-learning mentality
  • Embracing feedback (treating it as a gift) — receiving versus giving
  • Be taught by others and seek out different perspectives — internal and external guidance and perspectives (who’s on your Inner Board of Advisors)
  • Establishing systems of renewal
  • Next time will be better than last time — conducting “Retrospectives”


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The leadership academy has been sponsored by Polpeo.