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Why a PRCA qualification?

Bespoke – Choose from a range of optional courses alongside a set of mandatory modules, and tailor the Qualification to meet the demands of your career. This does not include Specialist Diplomas.

Flexible – Our qualifications do not have a compulsory enrolment date, you can begin your course at a time that works around your schedule. 

Relevant – All our workshops are practical, with every session designed to help you meet and exceed the expectations of your day-to-day role.  

Recognised – Our qualifications are highly-regarded across the world, giving you the chance to stand out from the crowd.  

Cost-effective – You shouldn’t have to break the bank to prove your professionalism and with our qualifications, you don’t have to. Our world-class courses are available at significantly lower rates than our industry competitors.


Methods of learning

Delivered through a combination of highly interactive workshops and  web seminars, PRCA Qualifications equip learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver value for clients and colleagues. Our courses incorporate best practice approaches that are results-driven and grounded in practical relevance.  


Anticipated Time Commitment 

The following is a rough guide as to the time commitment that should be expected at each qualification: 


Active learning


Training Sessions

Foundation Certificate 

3 webinars and 2 full-day training

(20-30 hours)

Advanced Certificate 

1 webinar, 5 full-day training, and a two-day masterclass

(55-60 hours)


2 webinars,1 half day, and 8 full day training

(55-70 hours)



Assessment work


Estimated Hours 

Foundation Certificate 

21-30 hours 

Advanced Certificate 

21-29 hours 


21-32 hours 


Other Qualifications

Our Specialist Diplomas are delivered in partnership with PR Academy.


PRCA Diploma in Integrated Communications Management

Brings together critical aspects of contemporary communication management to enable practitioners to integrate plans and campaigns in more effective ways. It includes a thorough exploration of the demands placed on organisations by consumers, stakeholders and society and the ways that leaders respond and act in ways that maintain trust and enhance reputations.


PRCA Diploma in Public Affairs Management

For people working in public affairs in a junior role and people in other PR related disciplines who are looking to know more about public affairs or move career into public affairs. It is suitable for people working in-house or in an agency. Provides a broad overview of public affairs work and covers parliamentary processes such as legislative procedures and government policy-making. It includes a thorough exploration of public affairs planning, stakeholder identification, issues mapping, message development, parliamentary engagement and relationship management all set within a broader context of lobbying codes, ethical practice and personal responsibilities.


PRCA Diploma in Change Management and Communication 

 Positions internal communication as a critical success component for major change programmes. The course considers practical challenges and conceptual underpinnings relating to change management in agile and complex organisational settings. It focuses on the best ways to lead people through change, including approaches to communication in various stages of business change management programmes. This incorporates stakeholder identification and management, storytelling, channel management, coaching senior managers, communication planning and outcome measurement.

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