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Content Marketing for Public Relations Professionals

This interactive workshop will enable you to understand what is Content Marketing and equip you with the skills to create Content Marketing plans and strategies to build and develop successful relationships between your Brand and its key audiences.

Workshop aim
Content Marketing is increasingly recognised as an important part of modern-day communications practice requiring a new skillset for public relations practitioners. This course provides a complete introduction and guide to enable public relations professionals to create, deliver and manage the Content Marketing dimension and discipline in their work.

Who should attend?
This workshop is open to all levels.

What to expect
•    Exercises to create a Content Plan for your organization or Brand
•    A good balance of practical exercises, group discussion and workbook

Workshop objectives
The workshop will provide you with:
•    A crucial understanding of what is Content Marketing and its significance for public relations
•    The changing relationship and character of Content in public relations practice
•    The changing horizontal nature of Trans Media Content
•    The changing vertical nature of Content from an image to a conversation to a White Paper 
•    Creating a Content Plan and Strategy
•    Content creation and curation
•    What are Buyer Personas and why you need to identify them
•    Keyword strategies
•    Integrating your Content Marketing with you Search Engine Optimization
•    Brand Exposition through Content Marketing
•    Recognising the Freemium Business Model and the significant role of Content

As a result of this workshop you will:
•    Understand the significance and potential for using Content Marketing in your public relations work
•    Be able to create Content Marketing strategies and plans – including a Content Marketing Calendar
•    Develop your Content creation and curation skills
•    Improve your ability to attract and retain different Buyer Personas and build brand advocates for your cause
•     How to create new Content from conversations to news stories to White Papers

David Rattray has been a leading content marketing and digital consultant since 2006, helping PR and Comms professionals, SMEs and Blue Chip companies with content creation and strategy . He has developed content products and advised on content strategy for national broadcasters, newspaper and magazine publishers both in the UK and overseas.

David started his content career as a magazine writer, before going on to write for TV and radio. He has written over 16,000 articles and is known for helping his clients to use content to get on to Page 1 of Google rankings.