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Designing Your Wellness Accountability Plan

What is our story for this year? 

 As we spend days, nights, and weekends crafting stories to help grow our business, we often neglect to create the most critical story: our own. To grow the bond across our team, we must not only advocate for ourselves and have a voice in major business decisions, but we also must do something often neglected: take care of our mind and body. Mark Mohammadpour, APR, senior communications executive, certified personal trainer and health coach who lost and kept off 150 pounds more than 10 years ago, will lead a discussion on the state of our wellbeing in our industry and work with us to develop our accountability plan. This plan will prove pivotal as we establish how do we show up for ourselves, each other, and our stakeholders.

 Session objectives:

  • Gain insights based on survey results from PR professionals on their experiences with health and the workplace.
  • Apply traditional communications and marketing planning techniques for creating fitness and wellness goals that work for anyone and set themselves and their teams up for success.
  • Learn practical health, wellness, and fitness tips that are tailored to communications and marketing professionals.
  • Create a personal wellness accountability plan on a page.

Trainer - Mark Mohammadpour