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Writing for Brands’ New Tone of Voice


In their writing, more and more organisations are moving away from the traditional formal and corporate tone of voice. Instead they want to write in a way that matches their brand. That usually means being more clear, direct and conversational. But how do you write that way? And how do you avoid going too far in the opposite direction?

This one-day workshop will teach you a simple three-step process (Who Do Know™) for doing that. It also shows you a quick and simple technique for getting really practical feedback from your colleagues. And this approach means you’re far less likely to make grammatical mistakes, so we don’t need to distract you with talk of nouns and verbs. 

This will be a practical day, so you’ll pick up the Who Do Know™ process by brainstorming, writing and discussing. And you’ll leave the course with a toolkit of simple, effective techniques, so your writing hits the right tone of voice and gets the results you want.


Why companies are changing the way they write
How to use Who Do Know™
Ordering and structure
Making your writing open, honest and confident
Learning from feedback
Making sure your tone of voice works well
Learning Outcomes

Understand a powerful process for good, clear writing
Apply that process to all kinds of writing
Know how to improve your writing through feedback from others
Have a tone-of-voice checklist for all your writing

Chris Shevlin is the author of “Writing For Business”, published by Penguin Books, and has written for the Financial Times and Euromoney. Chris has been helping companies to get better results from their writing since 2000, running workshops, coaching people and giving advice. He has developed simple, practical training techniques that can help people to improve their writing quickly. The techniques – including Who Do Know™, Ticks and Squiggles™ and Four-Question Feedback™ – encourage people to see writing as a process, focus on helping their readers, and improve by getting feedback. He’s also written a novel, “The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax”, which was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award and has sold over 20,000 copies.
Robert Taylor is one of the UK’s most experienced communications trainers. For more than a decade he has trained politicians, chief executives and chairmen throughout the world, including delegates from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department for International Development, the Olympic Delivery Authority for London 2012, BT, British Airways, FedEx, SAP, Orange and Oracle, and a huge range of other public-sector bodies and charities. Robert began his career as a TV executive in Asia, and went on to become a columnist for the International Herald Tribune and the American Spectator.