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Intern Training Programme

The PRCA is committed to helping organisations develop the next generation of PR professionals through paid intern programmes with structured training.

The PRCA Intern Training Programme is a package of carefully selected training courses designed to help interns maximise the value of their work experience and become a more effective member of the team.


You are welcome to complete the courses in any order you wish.

Length of Study: 

This programme must be completed within 3 months.


There is no assessment as part of this qualification.

On Completion: 

On completion you will receive a signed certificate from the PRCA Qualifications Board. 

Member Cost: 
Non-Member Cost: 

Associated courses

To book

Select the dates you would like from the drop down lists. To view course descriptions click the hyperlinked course titles.

If you have any questions please contact us on 020 7233 6026 or email

Points Required: 

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Course Title Course Type Level Points Awarded Course dates
Introduction to PR Classroom based Introductory 40
How to manage your time and workload more effectively Online Personal Skills 10
Good media relations Online Intermediate 10
Getting to grips with grammar Online Introductory 10
Climbing the PR career ladder Online Personal Skills 10
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