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Face to Face Future Leaders Programme - Winter 2024

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PRCA Future Leaders Programme - Winter 24

Dates: Thursday, 29th February + Friday, 1st March 2024

Where: Macdonald Compleat Angler, Marlow

Member Price: £1995 + VAT  

Non-member Price£2245 + VAT 

*The cost includes a pre sessions DISC profile assessment, F&B, one night’s accommodation on Thursday evening and every delegate will have a follow up online 1-hour one-to-one coaching session to reinforce learning and discuss an action plan on their personal growth following the programme & all attendees will receive a PRCA Future Leaders Programme Certification upon completing the programme.

Level: This programme is aimed at PR and communications practitioners who are preparing to make their next step into leadership roles or have just started a leadership role. They will learn the essential skills of leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, branding and much more. 

The trainers and sessions will include:

Kate Hartley MPRCA, co-founder, Polpeo: Leadership in a Crisis - developing the skills to successfully navigate a crisis

In this interactive training session, you will experience what it’s like to manage a live crisis as it unfolds on social and digital media. Using Polpeo, an interactive crisis simulation platform, you will work in teams to manage your company’s reputation as a crisis hits in real-time. The session is designed to test and improve your crisis handling skills, discuss approaches with your peers and with the Polpeo trainers, and provoke discussion about how to create crisis plans that are robust enough to withhold an attack during a crisis. 

Jane Fordham MPRCAFireside chat: DISC & getting the most from the course

''Training is a good day out or a chance for meaningful, lasting change.”

This discursive, interactive session based on the DISC psychometric model, will build on your pre-course thinking (and questionnaires) will hone a solid foundation of self-awareness and sharpen your focus on what you personally can get out of this brilliant two day programme. From this solid bedrock of self-knowledge you will better understand where you’re coming from and therefore how best to use the 6 six sessions to personalise the learning. Finally, we will explore some quickfire ways to shift habits and behaviours so that your commitments at the end of the course, do lead to lasting, positive change. Good leadership is like charity, it begins at home afterall!

Nick Morris: Leading the way with feedback: Providing confident critical and positive feedback to get better results, improve motivation, and develop your team 

Feedback is one of the cheapest and most powerful management tools we have on tap. Yet it's underused and often poorly handled. Even experienced communicators are in danger of missing a trick, delivering feedback that fails to produce positive change. Effective feedback gets people on track, develops great careers and helps to shape a culture that reinforces and rewards high performers. Feedback can also be highly motivating and energising. It has strong links to employee engagement and productivity. This highly interactive session will build your skills and confidence in giving feedback that gets results and creates the change you want. You'll learn the absolute no-nos of feedback as well as understanding how to shape a culture that actively welcomes feedback at all levels. You'll be able to show others how to deliver great feedback and set the stage for building better management communication at all levels.

Danny Whatmough MPRCADigital is the only future: what leaders need to know

Digital isn't the future, it's everything. Digital silos, digital skills and digital strategy - these are all a thing of the past. So what does this mean for the PR leaders of the future? You need to build teams that are digitally fluent and ensure strategies and tactics are aligned. But you'll also need to stay at the forefront of innovation. For example, be ahead of the curve when it comes to AI and other new developments that will shape and drive our working lives in the future. Being a future PR leader isn't just about understanding digital and the role it plays, it's about living and breathing it and being at the cutting edge. This session will show you how.

Ann-Marie Blake MPRCA: Neuro Inclusive Communications 

Accessible and inclusive communication means ensuring that messaging and information meets the communication needs of everyone so that our target audience, whether employees, clients or customers can engage with the information being shared.  

In this engaging and interactive session on inclusive communication you’ll learn:

    1. Practical tips and strategies to create communication that’s accessible and inclusive. 
    2. Why neurodivergent-friendly communication is better for everyone. 
    3. Actionable steps communicators  can take to champion diversity, equity and inclusion
    4. Practical tools and tips to create content that is accessible and inclusive.


You'll leave this workshop with concrete skills to communicate effectively as an inclusive leader in PR and communications.

Jayne Constantinis MPRCABrilliant Blended Leadership Communication

One of the key tools of 21st century leadership is an ability to communicate with confidence and skill. Since the pandemic, with ‘blended’ working practices here to stay, leaders have to be equally skilled face to face and remotely.  In this session you will learn the essentials of excellent communication in a variety of different scenarios:  how to exude gravitas and presence through verbal and non verbal techniques; how to present and pitch with clarity and relevance so that you can hold and inspire an audience; how to manage meetings (online and real-world). You will learn that confidence is not a mystical force field. It’s a muscle which you can develop. And you will begin to find your own authentic leadership voice to help you impress, persuade and guide others. To help you grow and thrive. The training is highly practical – you will leave with a set of tools to implement immediately. The 18-month programme of follow up support (a series of emails and 10 podcasts) ensures that your new behaviours are reinforced, extended and embedded. 

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The leadership academy has been sponsored by Polpeo.



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