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Why apply for the Creative Mentoring Project?

Why apply for the Creative Mentoring Project? Nick Woods (Creative Partner, Well Hello) has a few reasons, maybe one applies to you….

You are a woman struggling to have your creative voice heard in your agency.  

If this is you, you’re not the first. While the creative role in PR is still relatively new, it seems it is a role which has skewed towards the guys. There isn’t any single, or even good, reason for this. But a great way to change it is for more women to put themselves forward, to train themselves, to accept mentoring. This could be the mentoring you need. We have some brilliant female CDs on here, all of whom will recognise your particular situation.

You don’t know the difference between An Idea and An Award-Winning Oh My Days That’s Freaking Genius Idea.

Well, exactly.

You want to learn how to go from brief to “I’ve got it…”

It only takes a second to have a great idea. But to can take weeeeeeeeks to get to that second. We can help.

You are an introvert.

The stereotype for this role is pretty brash. But I’d say at least half our panel of mentors would describe themselves as introverts. Noisy, loud, pushy, sure we may have some of those too, but some of the very best, some of the most awarded, are all pretty quiet and pretty thoughtful and arguably closer to having what you might think of as a ‘planners mindset’. 

You are black, Asian, or of any other ethnic minority.

Original thinking is colour-blind. A lot of very bright people think we need a lot more ethnic diversity in PR, particularly in creative roles. We do too.

You live/work outside of London.

We have a couple of mentors from outside London, but the bald truth is most of the industry’s CDs are based there. Skype & FaceTime however make remote-mentoring entirely possible. So if you’re outside London and want a creative mentor, this could be the scheme for you.

You work in healthcare, tech, or corporate PR.

Creativity is not just for consumers. Your clients are probably asking for creativity. Your MD is probably wishing she or he had more creative nous within the agency. You still need to solve problems and find new approaches to age-old issues. 

You already work for a brilliant Creative Director.

That’s great and useful and wonderful and lucky you. But learning from two people is likely to tell you more than learning from one.

You’re vegan.

This has no relevance whatsoever. 

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