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15% off - PRCA Leaders Programme 2024

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Upcoming dates: BRAND NEW - PRCA PRimed for the future: A new take on leadership

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''I’m already working out to how build on some of lessons in my work. Very useful and well-organised, great location for it, good range of speakers and also vital to be able to discuss common issues among peers.'' - Elliot Bidgood, Principle Consulting, Senior Consultant

 ''The Future Leaders Programme was a really valuable course, and from the start I found myself implementing positive changes in how I give feedback and communicate with colleagues and clients. It has definitely boosted my confidence in my abilities and was a valuable opportunity to network. I'd highly recommend the course.''- Emily Brennan, Alice PR, Account Director

 ''Despite being delivered online - the sessions being spaced out over a number of weeks, allowed space to reflect on each session which may not have been possible if the event was face to face. The course covered a broad range of important areas for communications leadership and the trainers were second to none. I particularly enjoyed the final coaching session, as it gave me practical steps to move forward with on my leadership journey.'' - Katherine McCloskey, Customer Engagement and Campaigns Manager , NIHE

 "It was a really great training event - loads of practical advice that I can put into place straight away." - Celia Moran, Press and Communications Manager, Royal Academy of Dance

 “I was promoted into a senior role last year, which involves working with the chief executives and other senior staff in the eight NHS national health boards in Scotland. As a Communications and Engagement Implementation Lead, I need to be able to think strategically, so that I can work effectively and offer the best possible advice and assistance. Gaining the PRCA PR Leadership Diploma has helped me to understand what other leaders expect from me and how I needed to grow into my new role. I found the sessions at the academy to be both informative and inspirational. The one to one coaching session and follow up support has also been extremely valuable to me.” - Vivienne Wilson, NHS, Communications and Engagement Implementation Lead

 '’ Genuinely the best programme I've done. I thought the sessions were brilliantly curated and delivered by real experts in their respective fields. Additionally, a massive thank you to Souha and Itty for being the most brilliant hosts - we all felt so welcome and engaged throughout. It was so clear how much they genuinely cared about the experience the delegates had. They really curated and delivered an incredible programme. Thank you!.’’ - Thom Will, Senior PR Manager, SKY TV

 ‘’I thoroughly enjoyed the Future Leaders Programme. I had an 'Ah ha!' moment in each of the sessions I attended and found the trainers really tuned in to the group and our needs. There was a great balance between insight and instruction from the trainers and space for attendees to share their experiences and responses to the material. I thought the programme was structured well, with each session building on the previous one and a useful amount of time in between each session to allow for the content to properly sink in. I was really impressed with the virtual delivery and appreciate the effort of the trainers and organisers went to ensure that it all ran smoothly. I left the programme with practical tools I can use in my daily work and lots of food for thought. I also thought the one-to-one coaching sessions was excellent. Incredibly worthwhile and again there was a good amount of time between the sessions and the coaching so that I had time to process what I learnt and bring real issues to the discussion to work through. I can't recommend this programme enough’’. -  Emily Palmer, Communications Manager, Pulse Brands

 ‘’The Future Leaders Programme was even better than I expected. The speakers were all really engaging and shared lots of valuable insights. I applied some of the things I learned almost immediately and there's so much more that will be useful in future’’. - Laura Bain, PR and Communications Manager , Seafish

 ‘’It was fantastic - thank you so much for organising such a great programme. I really enjoyed all the presentations, and learned so many valuable insights which I'll take with me for a long time.’’ - Will Emery, Senior Account Executive , Faust PR

 ''A very insightful couple of days. The Programme was  so helpful and very insightful - I knew it was going to be good but it really did exceed all my expectations and pushed me way outside of my comfort zone.'' - Chloe Hodson, Account Director, Think Tank

 ''It was a beautifully curated course and I really was super engaged and got loads out of it. The trainers were all brilliant and it goes without saying that the hotel and meals were fabulous.'' - Nneoma Ulu, Communications Director , Smarts Agency

''The PRCA Future Leaders course provided a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow comms professionals in similar roles, learning and developing with each other. The course content was detailed, thorough and very useful and all the trainers were very generous with their time and knowledge. I have already put some of the learning into practice and feel I really grew in confidence throughout the 2 days.''Grace Kelly, Senior Communications Officer, Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)

''This is one of the best trainings I’ve done, leaving me inspired and invigorated for the next challenge ahead. My business will see a difference. Importantly the trainers and organisers are second to none, they put on a great show.''Michael Phillips,Associate Communications Director, Havas 



The leadership programme has been sponsored by Polpeo.