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In-house Benchmarking

To find out more about the insights that are available from the PRCA, contact Nicholas Dunn-McAfee.

The In-house Benchmarking Report is an annual publication that reveals data from senior PR and communications professionals from the private, public and third sectors. The results provide crucial information for directors and managers on subjects such as social media policy; the biggest issues facing PR and communications teams; staff roles and responsibilities; and salary figures.

The In-house Benchmarking Report 2015 revealed:

Teams are reporting stability and in many cases increases in communications budgets, remaining optimistic about future increases in their budgets.

We are increasingly seeing that in-house teams are changing and adopting roles that cannot be defined as traditional PR and communications.

In-house teams are becoming much more important within their respective organisations as concerns over board buy-in are seen as less important as an issue and communications teams are better represented at board level.

The industry is experiencing a post-recession stability as staff recruitment is stabilising and in some cases increasing.

To find out more, and to order a copy of the In-house Benchmarking, go to Resources.