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PRCA Schools Outreach Programme

The PRCA School Outreach Programme is designed to broaden the talent pool for the PR industry and inspire the next generation of public relations professionals.

We're working with members and schools to educate school children aged 16 and over on the benefits of a career in PR and communications. Our aim is to provide PR professionals with the assets and resources they need to visit schools and introduce PR as a career option to students from all backgrounds. It forms part of a broader PRCA effort to address social mobility in PR. 

Why has the PRCA launched the programme?
Public relations has struggled to attract and retain diverse talent. According to the PRCA Census, nine out of ten professionals identify as white and 20% of professionals have been educated at a fee-paying school, which is three times the national average. The public relations industry must stop hiring in its own image and do more to broaden the talent pool for entry-level roles. This campaign is designed to address these issues by introducing PR as a career option to students from all backgrounds. 

How PR professionals can help

  1. Sign up for updates on our Schools Outreach Programme here.
  2. Access our resources, including the #PRCAschools videos and PR Careers magazine, on this page. Hard copies of the magazine are available on request.
  3. If we're able to match you with a school, you'll be asked to deliver a talk to students on PR careers.

Download our Get to know Public Relations magazine


Print copies available upon request. 

Meet the PR Professionals 

Further information
For more information about the campaign, please contact Head of Communications & Marketing, Koray Camgoz