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The PRCA is working in partnership with The Work Crowd and PR Cavalry to offer businesses an alternative to traditional PR agencies. 

Both provide freelancers with an online platform through which they can win and manage projects. 

The PRCA has partnered with both The Work Crowd and The PR Cavalry to provide our members with cost-effective, direct access to on-demand and local PR talent globally.

The Work Crowd - 

The Work Crowd provides a more consultative approach to finding the right freelancer for your project, and provides direct access to pre-validated, local consultants and freelancers in communications and marketing, with no recruitment fee. The Work Crowd team will help with your search criteria, and give you help along the way.

Benefits for Freelancers:

·         An online platform through which they can win and manage projects

·         Flexible freelance support across specific industry sectors; technology corporate, consumer, healthcare, digital, social, and more

·         Specialist expertise across PR strategy, media relations, content generation, thought leadership, crisis communications, internal and external communications

·         Functionality includes instant matching, online messaging, video chat, and a secure payment gateway

·         PRCA freelancer's profiles are flagged in recognition of the professional code of conduct you adhere too

·         Consultation with a dedicated account manager on how to build your personal brand and tips on how to win and retain work


The PR Cavalry – 

The PR Cavalry provide a fast, automated approach to finding the freelancer for your brief. If you know exactly what you want, this platform is an ideal search tool. It works by both freelancer and client using simple, drop-down menus to describe what each party can expect from the other. In turn that information into our unique PR Heat Map which presents you with a short list of freelancers with the best mix of recent experience, skills and contacts. This avoids a huge amount of wasted time for both freelancer and client, and starts the conversation based on real understanding of what the brief requires.

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