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The Work Crowd is an online marketplace that gives businesses direct access to pre-validated, local consultants and freelancers in communications and marketing, with no recruitment fee. 

We have transformed the traditional freelance recruitment model whilst giving freelancers an online platform through which to win and manage projects. 

How does The Work Crowd work for PR and communications agencies and in-house teams?

We are aware of the importance of being able to access specialist talent to help elevate the peaks in work flow, provide maternity cover or help agencies work in an agile way, so we have  partnered with The Work Crowd to provide our members with cost effective, direct access to on demand expert talent globally. 

Functionality includes real time matching, online messaging, video chat, a secure payment gateway for invoicing and the ability to collaborate, manage and deliver projects easily.

How does The Work Crowd work for PRCA Freelancers?

Using The Work Crowd you can find relevant projects based on your skills, enquire and chat with potential employers, all of which have been pre-approved so you can sleep easy. The PRCA freelancers can flag their profiles with their membership credentials. 

You are also invited to attend group training sessions and will have access to bespoke online webinars. Training will include how to best use and get the most out of the platform; how to build your own personal brand and top tips on how to both win and retain new work. To express an interest please contact us at

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