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Hear how our Matchmaker service helped brands such as Tomy, Vauxhall, Morrisons and INTU find a PR and communication agency - success stories straight from our clients.

Testimonial: Harbottle & Lewis

"The PRCA’s Matchmaker service is a great service, which I found hugely helpful, especially as this was the first time I was involved in a PR audit. Everyone is assigned a personal contact to guide you through each step of the process. In my case, Richard Zetter was fantastic and provided professional, thorough advice throughout. All-in-all an excellent service and I would highly recommend it"

Natalie Lambracos, Senior Communications Executive, Harbottle & Lewis


Testimonial: Eteach

"We used the Matchmaker service to find a PR agency who had just the right experience in our niche sectors to deal with a high profile project on a national scale. As well as having an impressive portfolio of contacts to draw from, Richard was able to communicate to them our needs and organise a range of bespoke detailed creds quickly.  We ran two rounds of pitches and engaged one of his recommendations within three weeks. Were it not for Richard, it is unlikely we could have found the right solution ourselves anywhere near as quickly."

Katie Newell, Head of Content and PR, Eteach

Testimonial: Social Enterprise UK

"We found the PRCA Matchmaker service to be extremely useful in finding us a number of agencies who were within our budget and interested in our pitching for the campaign. The Matchmaker service saved us a huge amount of time and resource and the quality of agencies pitching was fantastic. I would definitely recommend the service."

Fiona Young, Head of Media & Communications, Social Enterprise UK


Testimonial: Pro Carton

"PRCA provided a short list that matched my brief well and I could have selected any of the agencies that I met. I found Richard Zetter to be extremely helpful and responsive.  I would wholeheartedly recommend their services."

Tony Hitchin, General Manager, Pro Carton


Testimonial: Tomy

"When faced with the challenge to find new PR representation I found the PRCA an incredibly helpful resource to utilise. They offered guidance on how to initiate the process, the best way to drill down to our companies needs and marrying us up with the best possible representation with excellent follow up"

James Cokell, Marketing Communication Manager, TOMY Europe 

Testimonial: Vauxhall

"It was important that we followed industry standards when conducting our agency review and the PRCA's matching service fulfilled that for us.

"It was very reassuring to know I was dealing with good quality agencies, compliant with industry Codes of Conduct and CMS accredited."

Kate Oyler - Manager, Brand Communications, Vauxhall

Testimonial: INTU

“This was our first time using the PRCA’s matching service and the PRCA was a reassuring help to us in finding good quality agencies.”

Izzie Peskett, Regional Marketing Manager – South, Intu Properties

Testimonial: Pro Bono Bio

“With such an important brand launch we needed the right pitch line-up. The PRCA’s matching service delivered this for us” 

Eirene Craske, Pro Bono Bio

Testimonial: Toyota

“The PRCA helped to identify the right PR consultancies and freelancers so we were able to consider both options to support our in-house team. They saved me a lot of time and it was a really efficient service.” 

Nik Pearson - Manager, Press Relations, Toyota GB

Testimonial: Sugru

"Your shortlist really assisted with the whole pitch process so many thanks for the help!" 

Clare Dixon, PR Manager, Sugru

Testimonial: Livingstone

"When looking for a PR agency my first point of reference was FAPRA (Matchmaker). This free service, matched agencies against our given criteria; saving hours of searching on the internet or through their extensive list of members. The result – they did the hard work for us – we have found a great agency to partner with."

Andrea St. Hill, Marketing Director, Livingstone Partners