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Consultancy CMS

For more information about Consultancy CMS contact:

Richard Zetter


T:020 7233 6026 

PRCA Matchmaker members are encouraged and incentivised to hold the Communications Management Standard (CMS) - the hallmark of PR excellence. CMS combines elements of ‘ISO9001’ and ‘Investors in People’ with criteria specific to a PR and communications consultancy. We introduced CMS in 1998, and updated it for the modern workplace in 2005 and 2012.

The nine core areas consultancies are scored on are:

  • Leadership & Communication
  • Business Planning
  • Business Improvement
  • Financial Management & Systems
  • Campaign Management
  • Client Satisfaction
  • New Business
  • People Management
  • Diversity

How does a PR agency benefit from CMS?

1. It is proof you have a well-run business with all the correct systems and structures in place.

  • A well-structured and accomplished senior management team that harnesses an effective internal and external communication system at all levels.
  • Clear business goals and objectives that are embraced at all levels. Objectives that are frequently reviewed and compared to performance to ensure continued agency-wide excellence.
  • Monthly management accounts have consistent and effective processes for calculating client fees, billing and credit control, and staff time management.

2. It demonstrates to your staff that you have a real commitment to their development.

  • Employee selection is based on needs of the position.
  • Employment includes an immediate induction, regular formal appraisals, personal development plans and training.
  • The company acknowledges the diversity and equality policy which demonstrates best practice and informs the recruitment process.

3. Clients have peace of mind that they are buying a professional service from a PR and communications company that is committed to excellence.

  • Client requirements are effectively captured, and used systematically to ensure delivery on client expectation.
  • Client satisfaction measurement systems address all elements of the service and implements improvements effectively.
  • Client teams such as Procurement and Government departments recognise CMS as a quality assurance.

4. If you are looking to grow your business, CMS is an excellent tool for growth.

  • A consultancy has a proactive strategy for business development with effective systems for the management of its enquiries and sales.
  • CMS identifies areas of improvement and growth in all aspects of the business.

5. CMS brings new business advantages

Read more about the scoring area in our Consultancy CMS brochure, click here to download.