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Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council

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PRCA Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council (EIAC)

The PRCA EIAC aims to lead on setting benchmarks on Equity & Inclusion for the PR Industry and building an inclusive industry through increasing visible representation to reflect the societies in which we operate.

The EIAC – previously known as the Diversity Network - is Chaired by Sudha Singh MPRCA and focuses on building inclusive cultures across all sectors and disciplines of public relations and communications.

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EIAC Members

  • Sudha Singh MPRCA(Chair)
  • Tiffany Burrows MPRCA
  • Alexander Clelland MPRCA
  • Jahanara Chaudhry MPRCA
  • Natalie Davies MPRCA
  • Anushka Mathews MPRCA
  • Kuldeep Mehmi MPRCA
  • Laura Osborne MPRCA
  • Karranjit Sahota MPRCA
  • Ishtar Schneider MPRCA
  • Mark Wainwright MPRCA
  • Mark Webb MPRCA


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