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Coaching for Senior Leaders

Why coaching?

·     Coaching is about raising awareness, breaking habits, facilitating not telling, helping people to reach conclusions which are right for them rather than telling them what to do.

·     It’s extremely complementary to mentoring and is often the second stage after people have gone through mentoring and are now dealing with trying to make all the strategic moves that the mentor has suggested.

·     Mentoring focuses on sharing personal experiences, things that have worked for the mentor, while coaching focuses on the barriers to action, confidence, strengths and how they can be used, and what’s holding people back. 

 About the coach – Alison O’Leary



Alison is a certified life coach, specialised in career coaching.

 In a 19-year career she has held a number of senior management positions within the PR industry, most recently as Senior Vice President and Deputy Managing Director, Europe for Racepoint Global.

Highly experienced in coaching, training and mentoring, Alison combines insights, tools and methodologies from corporate and personal coaching work to help PR professionals realise their true career potential for personal and organisational benefit.

 For an insight into Alison and her work, please take a look at these references from PR leaders.  



 “I have had the pleasure of working with Alison, in senior positions for almost 15 years, through different companies and in different circumstances – always high pressure ones. I completely trusted and relied on her to know what was going on with our people in the agency and to identify and exploit the opportunities presented by all our talent, to head off the crises and to mitigate when things got tough. She is utterly instinctive with people and in her understanding of what motivates them – but she makes no assumptions. She equips people with methodologies to help them understand themselves and make the right decisions for today and for the future.”

Cathy Pittham, Global CEO, AxiCom Cohn & Wolfe


Alison played an invaluable role through a period of transformational leadership at Racepoint Global; she has a genuinely calming and thoughtful demeanour, which perfectly complements her acute coaching skills. A great listener and an even better innovator, Alison has a great way of unlocking your inner self. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


Andrew Laxton, EVP & MD Europe and Asia, Racepoint Global