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International Membership

For more information on International Membership contact:

Henry Redshaw


T: 020 7233 6026

Ten great reasons why you should join the PRCA as an International Member

  1. Become part of the largest professional body in the world for PR and Communications, enhancing your credibility. You and your staff can use the designatory letters MPRCA, and you can also use our logo on your website, emails and stationery.
  2. Through our extensive training and qualifications programme, you can make the most of yourself and the talent you recruit.
  3. Take part in networking opportunities when in the UK, to develop contacts and business relationships.
  4. Receive the latest market intelligence and industry insight via our quarterly trends barometer and our annual Benchmarking Survey.
  5. Through the PRCA become affiliated to ICCO, the international organisation for PR trade associations.
  6. Access to discounted industry services and a free business helpline, as well as to lifestyle brands at preferential rates.
  7. You can receive PR and communications management consultancy advice from industry experts at a discounted rate.
  8. By playing a part in our representative body, you will be recognised as an industry leader.
  9. Discounts on advertising vacancies on the PRCA jobs board.
  10. Develop insights into the UK and global PR markets through the PRCA's publications

Membership includes:

Consultancy membership: For consultancies located outside of the UK of any size and specialism. The membership fee is £500 per year, and you can see a list of PRCA consultancy members here.
In-house membership: For any companies, charities, public sector organisations based outside of the UK. The membership fee is £500 per year, and you can see a list of PRCA in-house members here.
Individual membership: Designed for sole traders, independent consultants, and individuals within in-house teams. The individual is the member - not the organisation. The cost is £75+VAT per annum, and you can join online via the website here.

If you would like to have a conversation or would like more information, please feel free to contact Susan Speller on +44 20 7233 6026 or via email at