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Lobbying Regulation in Europe

To find out more about the PRCA's work for the public affairs industry in Europe, contact Nicholas Dunn-McAfee.

The PRCA’s work representing lobbying also extends to Europe. We contributed to the public consultation on a proposal for a Transparency Register calling for a mandatory register with sanctions. We will continue to lobby for an even more robust transparency register in Brussels and liaise with relevant stakeholders and the Cabinet Office.

The PRCA also liaised with the Cabinet Office and stakeholders such as the APPC and the CIPR on the proposed draft recommendations on regulating lobbying activities by the Council of Europe. We responded to a consultation calling for a more robust definition of lobbying and the closing of legal loopholes which would allow certain member states to disregard the recommendations in favour of less appropriate lobbying regulation.

The PRCA liaised with the APPC to get the industry’s voice heard on lobbying regulation at a stakeholder conference with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The PRCA will continue to liaise with relevant stakeholders and the Cabinet Office and will guide members once the draft recommendations have been approved.