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Meet The Trainers

Where to Find Us

7-8 Stratford Place

Our trainers are all approved professionals with a wealth of experience both as practitioners and training providers. Many currently run their own consultancies or PR and communications teams, and hence provide relevant insights along with practical examples and structured learning.

Martyna Borys

Account Director

Rod Cartwright FPRCA

Founder at Rod Cartwright Consulting

Emma Duke MPRCA

Senior Group Communications Manager

Steve Dunne FPRCA

CEO at Digital Drums ltd

Jane Fordham FPRCA

Partner, Head of People & Culture

Adaora Geiger


Partner Transformation & Change

Dr. Francesca Granelli

Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant at Digital Remit; Visiting Senior Lecturer at King's College London

Dr. Stuart Thomson

Head of Public Affairs

Colin Wheeler MPRCA

Director Consultant