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Client-Consultancy Partnership Charter

For more information contact:

Steve Miller

T:020 7233 6026 

The Client-Consultancy Partnership Charter, an initiative of the PR and Communications Council, is intended to help PR consultancies and client organisations work as effectively as possible together, and to avoid the many pitfalls which can plague relationships.

It was created by Martin Bostock, who worked with Relationship Audits & Management, a specialist company with expertise in commercial relationships, and a range of senior practitioners (both from consultancies and in-house) to write the content of the Charter.

The Client-Consultancy Partnership Charter is available to download here. 

Here's what PRCA Members had to say about the Partnership Charter:


"In my experience the best client agency relationships are based on openness, trust and mutual respect. They require investments of time and effort on both sides to be truly valuable. We all know this in theory, but the PRCA partnership charter provides some valuable reminders to help us get the best from these relationships, and a framework to objectively tackle issues as they arise."

Fiona Wilkinson MPRCA
Senior Vice-President for Corporate Communications, Visa Europe


“The Client-Consultancy Partnership Charter is an excellent initiative for both consultancies and clients alike. It will provide a mutually beneficial framework so that the client/consultancy journey is as effective, smooth and profitable as possible – from setting the campaign scope right through to campaign evaluation. Importantly, it will also help minimise the risk of nasty surprises along that journey.”

Rob Ettridge
Partner, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry