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Public Affairs Professional Board

The PRCA Public Affairs Board is governed by the Public Affairs Executive Committee. The Executive Committee directs the PRCA Public Affairs Board’s programme of activities and its Chair sit on the PRCA Board of Management. Public Affairs Professional Board

 The Public Affairs Professional Board

The role of the PAPB is to consider what should be best practice in the industry and promote this, inform the education and development activity of PRCA and promote the standards in the various Codes of Conduct to all involved in the Association and externally. The Board will work with the PRCA Staff Secretariat to determine and deliver the PAPB work programme. The PAPB will comprise of 14 people with reserved spaces for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and a space for a member of the NextGen Public Affairs Group. 

Applicants must be a Professional Member (ie their employer is a PRCA member) or Associate Member of the Association and listed on the Public Affairs Register. 

To apply, please send to your CV or LinkedIn profile, with a short statement setting out your reasons for seeking appointment. 

Applications must be received by 5.00pm on Friday 3 May 2024.