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Public Affairs Board

About the Public Affairs Board

The Public Affairs Board is the voice of the public affairs and lobbying industry.

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Public Affairs Code

The priority for the new Public Affairs Board Executive Committee is to develop a Public Affairs Code in consultation with the industry. 

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Public Affairs Board Executive Committee

The Public Affairs Board is governed by the Public Affairs Executive Committee. 

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Public Affairs Register

The Public Affairs Register is a core tenet of the Public Affairs Board’s self-regulatory regime and is updated quarterly to provide complete transparency.

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Public Affairs Training

From Introductory to Advanced, we have a range of public affairs courses available to help you learn and develop as a practitioner.

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From the APPC to the Public Affairs Board, a history.

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Young Consultants' Committee

The Young Consultants' Committee was established in 2010 and represents consultants up to the age of 30. 

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