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PRCA CPD is free and open to everyone, regardless of membership status, location, or job role. 

All users can register both PRCA and non-PRCA activities within the programme. 

CPD, or Continuous Professional Development, is the process by which practitioners build skills and deepen knowledge. It is a structured way of continuously reviewing competencies; seeking out best practice; acquiring new tools, techniques and theories; and sharing knowledge.

Why choose PRCA CPD?

  • PRCA CPD is open to all, whether you are a member or not; is free to participate in and has development options for every budget and career level.
  • The PRCA’s training can be used to contribute to the CPD programme along with our events. These activities are constantly updated to ensure they do not become out-dated or obsolete, so we are at the forefront of the industry.
  • We recognise that the PRCA does not have a monopoly on excellent training, events, or other career development opportunities. Therefore, the PRCA CPD Programme is open to all employers, all membership bodies, all training providers, and all other institutions that operate within our industry. We hope that all providers of quality CPD activities will sign up.
  • Upon completion you will be provided both a certificate and a logo, for use in email sign-offs, business cards, and other materials. Your achievement will also be noted in PRCA communications.

Gaining Points
You will have until the 30th September each year to achieve 160 points to successfully complete the programme. Points can NOT be carried over to following years, which begin 01/10.
A maximum of 40 points each can logged on the following activities:

  • Events
  • Reading, writing and reviewing
  • Presenting
  • Committee or Group work
  • Mentoring

This is to encourage users to develop a broad portfolio of CPD activities, focused on maximising development outcomes. There is no limit for ‘Training’ events/activities. 10 points must also be obtained through a PR/Communications ethics event or training (face to face or webinar) (such as the PRCA ‘Ethics in PR and Communications’ course).

How many points?
The table below uses PRCA events/activities as an example. Our CPD Programme also includes events/activities organised by our CPD Partner organisations.


40 Points
(full day)

20 Points
(half day)

15 Points
(short event)

10 Points
short activity)


F2F Training course


Bespoke Internal Training Session

Half Day F2F Training Course

PRCA Report Launch Event

Online Training Course


PRCA National Conference

PRCA Half Day Conference

PRCA Campaign Masterclass


PRCA Group event

Any networking events


Member Drinks

Reading, Writing and Reviewing:


(Publication title needed)

Short Publications

(Publication title needed)



(Publication title needed)





Preparing and Delivering a Pitch




Preparing and Delivering a Speech of Lecture

Preparing and Delivering an Internal Presentation


Committee Work and Volunteering

PRCA Group Chair / Vice-Chair




PRCA PR Council Member

Entering or Judging a PR and Communications Award


Taking Part as a Mentor or Mentee in a Mentoring Program

Taking Part in Team Volunteering Work


How to get involved
Visit to register for an account, and download the CPD User Framework.