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PRISM Mentoring by REEB

What is PRISM?

Public Relations, Inclusion, Support and Mentoring - or PRISM - is the mentoring programme brought to you by the PRCA's Race Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB).  

Freely available to PR and communications professionals globally, PRISM offers a structured mentoring programme to practitioners across all sectors.

The programme has been created to provide meaningful support to Black, Asian and ethnically diverse professionals, with the aim of inspiring a generation of talent to finally progress to the highest levels of seniority.

How does it work?

Mentoring takes place over an initial six-month period and comprises six virtual or face-to-face meetings. All mentors will be required to attend a 90-minute training session before their pairing and all PRISM participants must abide by REEB’s founding principles based on respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.

Apply now

Mentors and mentees are invited to apply using the application form. For further information on what to expect from PRISM, check out the briefing document below.




PRISM is supported by People Like Us and the UK Black Comms Network. Please get in touch with us for information on how to become a supporter. 

For further information about PRISM, please contact