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Media Training Surgery

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION... Media training surgery in a radio and TV studio

Bespoke 1:1 media training session at a state-of-the –art radio and TV studio in Soho where you can practice print, radio and TV interviews.

Our media trainer will prepare detailed and challenging questions relevant to you.  Following a theory session, you will have recorded press, radio and TV interviews in a working studio. You will receive detailed, constructive feedback after each interview.  A messaging session will help you focus on key messages with help to deliver these with impact.  The trainer will demonstrate good and bad practice from a library of broadcast interviews. As well as detailed personal feedback you will be given a DVD of all your interviews.
As a bespoke session, the level of difficulty and content will be adapted to suit each attendee.
Each session lasts for two hours

How attendees will benefit

  • Hands on experience of  press, radio and TV interviews
  • Experience the adrenalin rush that comes with being interviewed in a working studio
  • Challenging Interviews with an experienced former Watchdog, Panorama and Newsnight journalist
  • Individualised session with detailed personal feedback
  • How do your messages bear up to a journalist’s scrutiny?  The trainer works with you to help clarify key points, if necessary.

Who should attend
As a bespoke session it is suitable for all levels

What attendees will learn

  • Understanding  the journalist’s agenda and  tricks of the trade
  • Communicating to different audiences
  • What to ask before an interview
  • Practical experience of print, radio, TV and TV down-the-line interviews
  • Studio dos and don’t
  • Crisis media interviews
  • How to handle a door-step
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Avoiding jargon
  • Making your messages interesting and relevant
  • Know what to wear

Helen Glanville

Helen is an extremely experienced media trainer with a very detailed knowledge of TV journalism. She spent 15 years as an award-winning senior producer and director in mainstream factual BBC TV programmes (Panorama, Newsnight, Watchdog, Tomorrow’s World).  During this time she helped pioneer secret filming which formed the basis of many investigative reports.

Since 2003 Helen has been running media training courses to UK industries. She is extremely thorough in her preparation ensuring each session is bespoke, relevant and challenging. 
Helen also provides crisis media training and has supported large international companies during disaster training throughout Europe, providing the broadcast element and post-exercise analysis. Helen’s early career was with the press: The Sunday Times, Sunday Mirror, Mail on Sunday, Times Educational Supplement and the Birmingham Post and Mail.
Training theory
 “I believe every media training session has to be tailored to the specific requirements of each attendee. I need to know and understand the immediate challenges they face so that I can test them thoroughly under pressure and at times, surprise them.  It is my hope that the most challenging interviews attendees ever face will be with me. The over-whelming majority thoroughly enjoy the session and will never watch TV is the same way again. The skills they learn in a day are also very relevant to making better presentations and pitches.”
Health (pharmaceuticals, UK health regulator, health authorities), public sector, education and consumer.