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Managing Your Time Effectively


This interactive workshop will take you through the skills you need to manage your time and workload effectively. From creating a way to get the most important things done first, dealing with minor tasks that just won’t go away, getting savvy with prioritisation and eliminating procrastination, you will leave the course armed with the tools you need to manage your time effectively and with confidence.    

How attendees will benefit

Attendees will learn about time management in a practical way, reflecting upon your current mode of working and identifying which time management ‘holes’ you may fall down and how to eliminate them. 

Who should attend

This course is for anyone within PR who would like to become more productive and feel more in control.  

What attendees learn

  • How to organise and prioritise your tasks 
  • How to ensure deadlines are met
  • Effective task management techniques
  • Working productively without distraction 

What material attendees will receive

Delegates will leave the course armed with the tools and strategies to manage their workload confidently and efficiently, supported by the notes and frameworks we use in the workshop, plus pointers to additional useful resources to keep the learning going after the course.

About the trainer

Emma Ewing MPRCA is a PR trainer, coach and consultant with a particular interest in communication, people management and personal effectiveness. She advises and trains in a range of organisations in the UK and around the world, meeting PR practitioners from every area of the industry. Before becoming a trainer Emma's career spanned in-house, public sector and latterly high-tech PR in a consultancy environment. She understands the pressures involved in the industry and uses this background to ensure her training is realistic, practical and effective.