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The PRCA represents the interests of consultancy members, in-house teams, partner universities, and individuals. Following is our directory of corporate members.

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Name Organisation Type Region CMS Accreditation
360 Integrated PR Agency South East & East Anglia
3ManFactory Agency North West, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & North East Yes
3x1 Public Relations Agency Scotland Yes
4media Group Agency London Yes
72Point Agency London Yes
7PR Agency London, Midlands Yes
80:20 Communications Agency London, South East & East Anglia Yes
A Marr + Associates Ltd. PR and Marketing Agency London, Wales, Scotland
Aberdeenshire Council Public Sector In House Scotland
Accenture In House London
Access Brand Communications Agency London
Active Profile Agency London, North West
AD Communications Agency London Yes
Aduro Communications Agency London
Aequitas Consulting Agency
Aiken PR Limited Agency Northern Ireland
Aldermore In House London
Alfred Agency London
Allianz Insurance In House
Allison + Partners Agency London Yes
Amway UK In House London
Anchor In House London
Another Word Communications Agency London Yes
APCO Worldwide Agency London Yes
Arcuro Agency London
Ardency Consulting International Agency
Argyll and Bute Council Public Sector In House
Arsenal FC In House London
Association of British Bookmakers In House London
Augur Agency London
AxiCom Agency London
Babel Agency London, South East & East Anglia
Ballou PR Agency
Bank of America Merrill Lynch In House London
Barnet Council In House London
Beattie Communications Group Ltd Agency Yes
becg Agency London, Midlands, Wales, North West, South East & East Anglia, South West, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & North East
Bell Yard Communications Ltd Agency London
Bellbird International Agency
Best Communications International Agency
Bewonder Agency Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & North East
Big Cat Agency London, Midlands
Big Ideas Machine Ltd. Agency London
Birmingham City Council In House
Bite Agency
BJL Group Agency North West
Black Label Properties In House London, Other, South East & East Anglia
BLUE Communications Agency London, South East & East Anglia
Boman Communications/PRN Denmark International Agency
Bondy Consulting Agency London