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High-Energy and Super Interactive People Skill Workshops

 Here is a selection of High-Energy and Super Interactive People Skill Workshops which can be brought in-house :

 Crafting your leadership style

Understand the 6 core leadership styles and when you should lean on each one. Define your own unique leadership style based on your personal strengths and the values that drive your behaviour.

Getting the best out of people
Find out how to motivate people around short-term activities and long-term objectives. Use the principles of positive psychology to boost confidence levels of everyone around you.

 Building inner strength as a leader

Learn all about the psychological impact of being a leader and how to manage it. Increase confidence levels, stop holding yourself back and recover quickly from challenging experiences.

Effective communication

Get introduced to the 4 comms styles. Understand your own style, how different people communicate, how to accept other people and how to adapt your comms to build strong relationships.

Reducing friction

Learn all about managing negative behaviour and building mental strength amongst the people you work with. Life is full of setbacks and difficult situations so come back stronger from challenges.

Having difficult conversations

Learn to be a better listener, to clearly articulate your perspective and to achieve win-win outcomes that everyone buys into. Use our PLEASE framework and get everyone to love solving problems with you.

Engaging & influencing with storytelling

Our DRAMA framework shows you how to create stories for every occasion. You’ll tell stories in an engaging way, getting stakeholders to buy-in to your deliverables, ideas and suggestions.

Trentor Moss:

Trenton is a business leader, trainer and coach who inspires everyone around him to achieve more than they think they can.

His bestselling book, ‘Human Powered’ will help you gain all the people skills and EQ you need to succeed.

He’s founder and head coach at Team Sterka, a training and coaching business that creates high-performing teams.

Previously, he spent 15 years as founder and CEO at one of the UK’s first product design consultancies.

When he’s not working, you’ll usually find him running around after his kids. Or sleeping. He loves a post-lunch power nap.